Below is a provisional list of committments/rules/protocols/aims for Art Business Ltd. These may change.

photo by Ruby Turner

Art Business Ltd will
  • professionalise whilst having fun and making it a project
  • operate on a four day week wherever possible
  • record information on: good days vs bad days / earnings and outgoings / how long it takes for invoices to get paid / your menstrual cycle / all the applications you write and their successes or failures
  • publish full submitted applications (successful and unsuccessful) with sensitive information redacted
  • complete and publish ‘open call report cards’ for each application written, with no sensitive information redacted
  • send these report cards to the institutions that published the open call in the hope of open calls being better in the future
  • offer a series of free resouces for artists and cultural workers including the ‘open call report card’ template
  • create space to ask questions, poke fun, be a pain in the arse, as long as it is in pursuit of a more equitable and enjoyable life in the arts
  • not be too cynical
  • learn to do bookkeeping, complicated budgets, write policies, and run Art Business Ltd as a proper company
  • will wear the official uniform whenever working, for the entirety of the 2024-25 financial year*
  • set up a pilot term of the Art Business Art Business School, a co-operative artist-led business school & open source workshop structure
  • offer secret under-the-table services to artists (enquire within)
  • cheerlead & make introductions for artists I like, especially those who are underrepresented, young, scared or overwhelmed
  • destroy the institution by becoming the institution
  • get rich or die trying
  • not be afraid to talk about the art
  • not apologise for making this art which is mainly for artists (it is not the only art we make)

*you can hear a 4 minute audio mashup of the 14 voice note applications for the CEO uniform micro-commission here!